Queer Mama

Good morning to all you lovely humans! 

I am so excited to announce that I've officially come out as non-binary and my new pronouns are they, them or mama. To celebrate my queerness I made a new hoodie for all my queer mamas! I've always known that I didn't exactly fit the gender binary but just didn't have the words for it. I knew for damn sure I have no interest in being a man whatsoever. But I also never felt quite feminine enough to be a woman. It made me so mad that one gender gets treated this way and the other gets treated that way. One gender gets paid this much and the other not as much. One gender is expected to do x, y and z and the other is expected to do a, b and c. I want no part of it. I don't feel like I got either of the normal gender binary. I want to just be me without the constraints of gender expectations or whatever comes along with it. I would like to just be a human being and get treated with dignity, respect and love like everyone else. It shouldn't matter how I express myself, the clothes I wear, what I do for work, that I birthed children or that I'm sassy and opinionated. So through a long series of self exploration via meditation and talks with my sister I came to the realization that I am non-binary and that just makes sense for me. It feels right, it feels comfortable and the way things should be for me. 

P.S. let it be known that this is a safe space for girls, gays and theys. ALWAYS! Love you all!