Happy Trans Day of Visbility!

Happy Trans Day of Visbility!

Hey there, Glo here! Today is International Trans Day of Visibility! A day for all of us everywhere around the world to celebrate trans people like me. As I'm sure you know trans people are faced with a disproportionate amount of violence and hate. Per TransLegislation.com in the United States, just within this year, there are 492 anti-trans bills going through the legislative process in 47 out of 50 states. These bills they are trying to pass into laws are in efforts to make it so hard to live life as a trans person so that we don't exist in public life or all together. They are trying to stop us from receiving gender affirming healthcare, education, legal rights and just our basic human rights all around. And are we just going to sit around and let it happen? Absolutely not! Now is the time to stand up for trans folks and fight for us! 

While things for us trans folks have felt pretty hopeless there ARE things you can do as an ally to help! You can help trans people access gender affirming healthcare would be to check out the TikTok-a-thon Mercury Stardust and Alluring Skull are hosting. It's still going on RIGHT NOW! They are raising money for a non-profit organization called Point of Pride who is going to be able to help 11k trans people with access to things like gaffs, binders, hormone therapy and even gender affirming surgeries. The original goal was to hit 1 million for trans healthcare in 30 hours and they make ground breaking history and hit that goal in only 6 hours! They raised the goal to 2 million! Here's the video of the 1 million marker celebration!


You can get all the info by texting "STARDUST" to 44321

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